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Triton Two Wins 2012 Editor's Choice Award from The Absolute Sound

The Triton Two was just honored with the 2012 Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award in the category of Loudspeakers $2500- $3000 a pair. It joins the many, many awards that the Triton Two has received in the last year, clearly making it the most highly honored new speaker in history.

The Absolute Sound 2012 Editor's Choice Award

TritonCinema Two Wins 2011 Top Pick of the Year

The GoldenEar TritonCinema Two Home Theater Speaker System was awarded Home Theater Magazine's 2011 Top Pick of the Year in Speakers!

Home Theater Magazine 2011 Top Pick Award

Read their comments...

GoldenEar Triton Wins Absolute Sound's, "Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year"!

Check out the January 2012 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine, where the GoldenEar Triton Two has been honored as The Absolute Sound's 2011 Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year, saying "Is GoldenEar Technology's $2500/pair Triton 2 Floorstander a great speaker for the money or just plain great regardless of price? The answer is 'both'."

The Absolute Sound 2011 Product of the Year

GoldenEar Triton Two Speakers Wins a Best of 2011 Award

The Golden Ear Triton Two Speakers just won a coveted Best of 2011 Award, chosen by their editorial staff as Best Affordable Floorstanding Loudspeaker, saying: "With a track record unlike anybody (even Dr. Bose), with companies like Polk Audio and Definitive Technology – Sandy Gross’ first speaker for his new brand, Golden Ear, was likely to kick ass and take names. And that it did. The Triton Two from GoldenEar Technologies is priced right, comes with a sweet tweeter and a modest footprint. We just think the world of these speakers, as they would be lovable at twice the price." Best of logo

TritonCinema Two Wins GREATEST OVERACHIEVER in Editor's Choice Awards

The TritonCinema Two Home Theater Speaker System wins GREATEST OVERACHIEVER in The Perfect Vision's Editor's Choice Awards for Home Theater Speaker Systems $2500-$4999. “A true benchmark system in terms of performance per dollar".

PerfectVision Editor's Choice Award

Triton Two Selected by Absolute Sound in Annual Recommended Systems

In this year's annual Recommended Systems issue of The Absolute Sound (December 2011 Issue) GoldenEar's Triton Two loudspeaker was selected as the loudspeaker of choice for one of their "We Pick the Best" Recommended Systems. This is a very high honor in that out of all the loudspeaker systems available today, only eight speaker systems were chosen for the six different price-range systems. In the summary they say "The Triton Two has an almost electrostatic-like transparency in the mids, a gorgeous fatigue-free treble, and a top-to-bottom seamlessness that makes it easy to forget you are listening to a loudspeaker".

Pick up the December 2011 Issue, on newstands now, and check out all their comments on the Triton Two.

TAS Cover Banner Dec 2011 Issue

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