Another SPEAKER OF THE YEAR Triumph for the Triton One

The Triton One has won Speaker of the Year, or similar honors, from virtually every significant audio publication in North America, as well as many all around the world. Here is another fabulous review, as well as yet another Speaker of the Year honor, for the Triton One. This one is by Mike Mettler on his Hi Res Audio Central website. In honoring the speaker with the HRAC Speaker of the Year, Mike raves, "these are the absolute best speakers I've ever had the pleasure to listen to day in and day out...The Triton Ones deliver exactly what I want to hear, with everything I play through them, no matter what the genre or recording media accessed. Frankly, they deliver more than I've expected. I'm constantly amazed at the 'I've never heard that before!' response elicited with material I've listened to countless times on other speakers, as well as the overall wowness factor whenever I cue up something brand new."

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