Digital Trends Calls the SuperSub XXL "Like King Kong in a Tux"

Caleb Denison, in his review of the SuperSub XXL, raved "The SuperSub XXL not only hit that low-low tone, but hit it with great gusto; so much, in fact that those in the room couldn't keep from grinning ... so musical and lightning quick we were taken aback, we're not sure if we're more impressed with the quality of the SuperSub XXL's performance, or the fact that it does the job of two or three subwoofers all on its own. It is brutally powerful, remarkably balanced, surprisingly agile, and very versatile; one moment it's punching you in the gut, the next, soothing your soul. But none of that means anything if you can't hear it in your room, and in our experience, the SuperSub XXL excelled at just that... nobody has ever produced a subwoofer quite like it."

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