Sound&Vision Raves New Triton Two+ is "A Magic Makeover"

In this first review, by Darryl Wilkinson, on the new Triton Two+, Atmos with a Golden Touch, they are part of a signature quality Atmos System, done right, with four Invisa HTR 7000s in the ceiling as height speakers, two Invisa MPXs as rear surrounds, and a SuperCenter XXL. "All the speakers sounded like one coherent unit, instead of separate speakers that happened to have been thrown together." And of the new Triton Two+, "What I emphatically say now about the Triton Two+ speakers--is that the sound quality is so good that GoldenEar's speakers would still be highly recommended even if they cost three times as much. The fact that they don't is one more reason why they are so damned impressive."

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