GoldenEar Reviews Reviews the ForceField 4 Subwoofer

In his review,'s Andrew Robinson felt “the ForceField 4 is musical with two-channel fare, offering up plenty of low-end heft without sounding boomy or sluggish”, and “With films, especially high-octane action films on Blu-ray disc, the ForceField 4 is near perfect in my opinion providing ample slam, impact and low-end texture … even in my larger, reference system, it had the legs to fill my room with copious amounts of bass.”

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HomeTechTell SuperCinema 3 Review

In his review of the GoldenEar SuperCinema 3 System, Dennis Burger raves “… effortless is probably the single word that best sums up the system’s sound”, and, “… the SuperCinema 3 system delivers an incredible amount of bang for ridiculously little buck.

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Sound and Vision Triton Two Review

Check out this spectacular Triton Two review by Sound & Vision Magazine!  "The founders of GoldenEar Technology bring decades of experience  to the game, and that seasoning is very much in evidence in the Triton Two tower." reports reviewer Al Griffin. Concluding "GoldenEar’s sleek speaker offers a rich, balanced sound and its imaging abilities are nothing short of uncanny. Also, its built-in sub provides enough bass to satisfy even a demanding bass-hound. I’m not only amazed that GoldenEar was able to deliver a speaker that sounds this good for $2,500 per pair; I’m amazed that speakers can sound this good, period."

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Sound and Vision Magazine Triton Two Review

The Perfect Vision: First Listen: GoldenEar Triton Two Loudspeakers

“When it comes to considerations of value for money, I think the Triton Two sets the bar as high if not higher than any other speaker I’ve yet heard." Chris Martens, December 29th, 2010.

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Hot Review of Triton Two from

In his rave review, Andrew Robinson concludes “The GoldenEar Triton Two is a fantastic high-end audiophile loudspeaker, well suited for both music and movies, that just so happens to NOT cost a fortune.”

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Rave Review of the SuperCinema 3

Steve Guttenburg asks in his high-end audio blog The Audiophiliac “How Big can a little 5.1 System Sound?” while reviewing the award winning SuperCinema 3 5.1 Home Theater system.

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