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Stereophile Raves Triton One is "Awesome ... A Giant Killer"

Robert Deutsch, in his rave review of the Triton One in the January issue of Stereophile, notes that "the Triton One proved extraordinarily revealing ... rendered a very plausible illusion of listening to music in a concert hall or opera house ... for the audiophile who doesn't have--or doesn't wish--to spend the money for cost-no-object speakers, yet wants sound quality that approaches what such expensive models can produce, I recommend first listening to the Triton Ones. You may decide it is all the speaker you need."

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Stereophile Magazine

Secrets of Home Theater Raves the ForceField 5 is "musical" and "potent".

In his great review of the GoldenEar ForceField 5 subwoofer, Carlo LaRosa of Secrets of Home Theater and HiFi was really impressed with the performance of the sub, saying, "As with movies, the ForceField 5s exceptional tonality shone through on music. They didn’t just playback the sound; they succeeded in recreating the characteristics of the instruments."

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Secrets of Home Theater and Hifi

Digital Trends Caleb Denison is IN LOVE with the Triton Ones!

Caleb Denison expresses his love for the Triton Ones in his Digital Trends Review, saying, "If I had to marry just one speaker, forsaking all others, never to have an eargasm with another speaker again, as long as we both should live, I'd totally marry the Triton One." 

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Digital Trends

New 3D Array XL Soundbar Earns Reviewer's Highest Recommendation

This official review comes from Mark Henninger, Senior Writer on AVS Forum. Mark was not subtle in his praise: "No other powered or passive speaker bar that I've heard offers the fidelity of the 3D Array XL. Within 60 seconds, I was convinced it sounded as good as a system with discrete, full-sized speakers." 

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Hi-fi+ Says Triton Ones are "Great for the price of good"

The cover of the December issue of Hi-fi+ Magazine proclaims "GoldenEar Triton One: True High-End Sound From a Loudspeaker You Can Afford". Click the link to read or download Chris Martens' full review of the Triton One, calling them "a remarkable achievement"

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Hi-Fi+ Triton One Review

Triton One's Are "Magic" Raves Dennis Burger

In his review of the flagship Triton One Tower, Dennis Burger of raves, "In a lot of ways, it's really the Carl Sagan of speakers (and I can't think of higher praise than that). In the same way that Sagan brought the knowledge of the cosmos to the common man in a wonderfully digestible way, the Triton One brings a level of performance that's usually out of reach for most consumers."

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