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Technology Tell Reviews 3D Array Soundbar

Dennis Burger, in his rave review of the GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array Soundbar in Technology Tell Magazine says, it "meets or beats the performance of all-too-many standalone tower speakers I've auditioned".

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Wired Magazine Says "Buy it Now" to the SuperCinema 3D Array System

Wired Magazine, the world's leading tech enthusiast magazine, tells their readers to "Buy it Now", the SuperCinema 3D Array System is "A New Gold Standard in Soundbar Systems ... an engineering triumph and, even more importantly, one of those rare products that turns an entire category on its head ... an unconditional steal when compare to other soundbar systems ... I much preferred it to any faux DSP implementations commonly used by other sound bars."

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AVForums Gives SuperCinema 50 Highly Recommended Award

Reviewing the bigger brother to the recently reviewed SuperCinema 3 system, Russell Williams writes: "To encapsulate the SuperCinema 50 in a phrase - it offers scale and refinement, in a measure equal to excitement. It polishes less than perfect source material and has a natural transparency that lets reference material shine."

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Tone Raves About the Aon 3s, "Nothing Short of a Miracle"

Another absolutely phenomenal review on the Aon 3, this time from Tone Magazine, a very well respected high-end web-based publication. The review was written by their chief honcho, Jeff Dorgay, who was so impressed when he heard the Aons at the CES demo that he wanted to review them himself. He gave them a full workout on all kinds of program material and, of course, his conclusion that, "the amount of music that these speakers reveal is nothing short of a miracle" really says it all.

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Home Theater Magazine Raves About The 3D Array

Home Theater Magazine's Darryl Wilkinson raves: "When it comes to soundbars, awesome just got redefined!". And wow, did he like it on stereo music playback, saying, "Remarkably we spent (four hours) listening to two-channel music playing through a flippin' soundbar! The width and openness of the soundstage was absolutely incredible, stretching farther across the front of the room than what some freestanding speakers can produce. All with imaging that was Gibralter-stable rock solid...I'd call it simply spectacular."

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Great New SuperCinema 3 Review

AVForums (UK) writes: "With the SuperCinema 3 sub/sat system, GoldenEar Technology are to be congratulated for delivering a small, lifestyle speaker system that is able to deliver a sound that far exceeds its physical size."

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