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VIDEO: Sandy Gross Talks About the New Triton Reference

Audioholics reviewers heard the Triton Reference at CES 2017 with GoldenEar founder Sandy Gross playing DJ/Ringmaster. With back to back Brian Wilson tracks, an older, Beach Boys-era preceded a more recent solo track, they thought the New Triton Reference speakers were "articulate in revealing the slightly more feeble presentation of Wilson's modern voice, spacious in their stereo presentation...They looked great in gloss black without giving up their modern, understated GoldenEar trademark look." Check out this great interview with Sandy Gross describing the goals and processes applied in designing the Triton Reference speakers.

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GoldenEar Introduces Its New Flagship Triton Reference at CES 2017

GoldenEar has been hard at work on something really exciting: the Triton Reference, our new top-of-the-line flagship, incorporating all the latest sonic advancements, developments and components developed by our engineering team, all wrapped up in a gorgeous cabinet. With authoritative presence and a sense of sonic scale and refinement previously only attainable in cost-no-object mega-speakers, we proudly introduce our latest creation.

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GoldenEar Awarded US Patent for Its Unique New Subwoofer Technology

We are pleased to announce that our unique Dual-Plane Inertially-Balanced Subwoofer Technology is no longer just patent pending. On October 4, 2016 the US Patent Office awarded GoldenEar US patent number US 9,462,391 B2, for this breakthrough technology. This patented technology is fully incorporated in both the award winning SuperSub XXL, which has been shipping in the US for the past year, as well as the just released SuperSub X.

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Absolute Sound Selects the Triton Five as a "Greatest Bargain in High End Audio"

The Absolute Sound Magazine has included the GoldenEar Triton Five in their prestigious list of the 40 Greatest Bargains in High End Audio. Below is a link to their review of the Triton Five, which reviewer, Jacob Heilbrunn, said were, "A Must Audition".

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Sandy's "Tell it All-True Confessions" Interview in Stereophile

Several months ago Stereophile's editor John Atkinson approached and asked if Sandy would do an interview for publication in the magazine. John put him together with David Lander, an exceptional journalist who has been in audio for decades. This is not a product-centric type of interview, it's more Sandy's life and times in audio with some interesting segues.

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SuperCinema 3D Array XL 5.1 System an AVS BEST for Their 2015 Gift Guide

From their 2015 Gift Guide, “Whether you use it to listen to music or movies, the SuperCinema 3D Array XL 5.1 system performs at a level that transcends the soundbar category. It is an audiophile-quality system that happens to fit underneath or above a TV, and it’s equally adept at playing 2-channel and surround-sound content. It’s the first soundbarI’ve heard that I could live with as my primary sound system.” One year later, that 3D Array XL 5.1 package remains the best soundbar-based system I’ve ever heard—bar none.

AVS Forum


Triton Five an AVS Performance Pick for Their 2015 Gift Guide

From their 2015 Gift Guide, "Every time I revisit the Triton Fives for a listening session, my jaw drops. The Triton Five is a 2-way tower speaker featuring a folded-ribbon tweeter and dual 6″ woofers arranged in a D’Appolito array. The tall, sleek tower looks thoroughly modern and almost mysterious wrapped in matte-black cloth. The soundfield they create is lush, detailed, and has depth as well as width to it. The listening experience the Triton Fives provide is at once pleasing and thrilling, with detail and nuance that you’d only expect to hear coming from considerably pricier speakers."

AVS Forum


CEDIA 2014 Press Recap - GoldenEar Does Atmos Right

GoldenEar's CEDIA Atmos Demo Was a "CEDIA's Best". CEDIA this year was the big introduction of Dolby Atmos for the home, and GoldenEar was right there in the thick of it with what the press called "The Best Real Home-Atmos Demo at CEDIA". The system was based on the spectacular Triton One as the left/right mains, with Triton Twos for L/R surrounds, with all four built-in Triton subwoofers handling the LFE channel! A SuperCenter XL completed the 5.1 system, and four Invisa HTR-7000s added the Atmos "height" channels for a complete 5.1.4 Atmos home theater system, "done right".

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Forbes Interviews GoldenEar Founder Sandy Gross

Check out this very fun interview by Geoffrey Morrison in Forbes, "12 Questions for Sandy Gross", with industry icon and GoldenEar founder and speaker designer Sandy Gross.

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Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to GoldenEar Founder Sandy Gross

The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) 2013 presented their Lifetime Achievement Award to Sandy Gross, founder and president of GoldenEar Technology. This year, HTSA announced the return of one of its most coveted honors, the Lifetime Achievement Award. HTSA director Bob Hana presented the honor, saying "Sandy Gross has dedicated his life to the creation of high performance, award-winning loudspeakers, arming not just HTSA members but the entire Specialty A/V and Custom Integration community with dependable, affordable audio solutions consumers can rely on. Sandy has been an incredible driving force across our industry. His commitment to his craft has resulted in a wealth of products and applications". Sandy was quoted as saying, "I'm not done yet...!".

Sandy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award


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