Aon 3 Receives HiFi Choice Recommended Award

Hi Fi Choice's Jason Kennedy, one of England's most critical reviewers, concludes his review of the Aon 3 bookshelf speakers in the February 2013 Issue of HiFi Choice with "... this unusual standmount is hugely entertaining, revealing and excellent value for the money" and gives them the coveted HiFi Choice Recommended Award!

He raves about the tweeter, "whose finesse at high frequencies brings great smoothness to the treble" and notes, "you start to appreciate just how coarse many domes can be by comparison". He also loves "... the Aon 3s exceptional imaging capabilities" and, "the way that sound creates depth and space is made very clear and in an entirely natural sounding fashion ... I began to enjoy the texture it reveals across the band, something that gives depth to voices that is very enticing". Pick up the issue today to read the full review!

HiFi Choice Recommended

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