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SuperSub X Wins Best Compact Subwoofer Award

Secrets of Home Theater, in their annual Best-of awards, selects the GoldenEar SuperSub X subwoofer for the Best Compact Subwoofer award, saying, "The Supersub X is a sleek cat of a subwoofer that roars like a lion: an excellent little subwoofer. GoldenEar has used some novel thinking and engineering design work to obtain the performance parameters of a traditionally larger sub from something small enough to make deep bass accessible for people who might be otherwise space-challenged. On music, in particular, GoldenEar subs have been exceptional performers and the SuperSub X is no different. One of these subs will convincingly energize a medium sized room."

Triton Two+ Wins Home Theater's Best of 2016 Award

Home Theater Review, in their annual best-of list, reports: GoldenEar has taken all of the research and development that went into the flagship Triton One speaker and updated the smaller Triton Two to deliver even better performance. What did Dennis Burger think of the new version: "I simply can't hide my enthusiasm when a speaker does pretty much exactly what I want it to do ... The Triton Two+ delivers incredible depth, palpable detail, exceptional neutrality (especially in the midrange frequencies), and rich, ample, tactile bass that's as musical as it is muscular. What more could you want?"

SuperSub XXL Wins Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award

Gregory Petan raves "If you are interested in having some fun and extend the low frequencies of your system to subterranean depths, look no further than the GoldenEar SuperSub XXL Subwoofers. Built to a very high level of fit and finish the $1999 SuperSub XXL subwoofer is super easy to integrate, undeniable in its capability and adds a level of wow factor to the sound that enhances all aspects of both movies and music. The sound takes on a sense of majesty and increases the sense of both space and scale to all that passes through it." in his summary for his Writer's Choice Award (an opportunity for PF editors and writers to recognize superior merit in the audio arts) for the mighty SuperSub XXL.

SuperSub X Garners Prestigious CEPro Best Award

GoldenEar's new SuperSub X was not only a standout performer at this year's CEDIA tradeshow demo, it was also an award winning product, garnering the prestigious CEPro Best Award from CE Pro Magazine. "The BEST Awards have quickly become recognized by manufacturers and integrators to represent products that really make a difference in the market" says Jason Knott, editor-in-chief, CE Pro.

GoldenEar Triumphs with Five Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Awards

We were very pleased to announce that six GoldenEar speakers received the prestigious 2016 Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award: The Triton One, Triton Two+, Triton Three, Triton Five, Triton Seven and Aon 3.

Triton One is Soundstage! Network's 2015 Floorstanding Loudspeaker of the Year

Soundstage! Network selects the GoldenEar Triton One as their 2015 Product of the Year in floorstanding loudspeakers, saying, "GoldenEar’s Triton One provides tremendous value in a tower speaker. The Triton One’s strengths include a precisely balanced sound across the audioband, extremely refined highs, excellent clarity across the midrange, and the deepest, fullest bass you can find at almost any price. The One is also no slouch when it comes to soundstaging and imaging -- with a pair of them properly set up, you can expect to project a stage that impresses as much for its width as for its depth. The Triton One is a unique and formidable design that I think would be difficult, if not impossible, to improve on for the price."

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