Five Must-Have Components to Build An Amazing Home Theater System

What’s more impressive than having a high-end entertainment system within the comfort of your home? Imagine having a system that allows you to invite guests over for superior in-home entertainment, one that cranks up your holiday parties while you create lasting memories with family and friends. A home theater system that enables you to do things such as set-up cool themes and create a classy movie theater interior of your choice – creating the perfect ambiance for a home-based movie night.

Suddenly popcorn and lazing around become the least of what you look forward to during these evenings of entertainment, as this technology enables you to transform your home into a high-end cinema. However, you may ask yourself - is it actually possible to have such a smart, reliable home theater system with the same video and audio quality of an actual theater?

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Components to Build That Dream Home Theater

Surprisingly, it is not at all difficult to build the home theater of your dreams – providing, of course, that you start with purchasing high-quality audio and video components. Below are the five essential pieces of equipment that you must have to create the stunning home theater system that you’ve always wanted: 

  1. Left/Right/Center Speakers (or a Passive Three Channel Soundbar)
  2. Surround Speakers (Two to four, In-wall, On-wall Satellite, stand/shelf mount or floor standing)
  3. Height Channel Speakers (Two to four, In-ceiling or On-ceiling)
  4. Subwoofers (One or more, preferably two)
  5. A good Home Theater Receiver


1.    Main Left and Right Front Speakers

These are the most important speakers in the home theater system. They can be anything from large Floor Standing Towers (Triton), to Bookshelf speakers (Aon), to On-Wall Satellites (SuperSat), or even In-Wall speakers Invisa). If there is no floor or wall space allowed for anything other than the TV then the passive Soundbar (3D Array) is your solution for these channels of your home theater. The Center Channel speaker, one of the hardest working speakers in a home theater system, must match the left and right speakers in sound quality and must be located above or below the TV. All these channels must be at Ear Level for the current object-based surround sound formats.

2.     Surround and Rear Speakers

Surround and Rear speakers are one of the key components to creating the fantastic immersive audio experience for great home theater systems. For most typical room sizes, only Surround speakers are suggested, although most home theater receivers now support both Surround and Rear channels, if desired. These channels must be located at ear-level to create the correct sound localization. In-Wall, On-Wall Satellite Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers or Floorstanding Towers are all viable for these channels.

3.    Height Channel Speakers

Height channel speakers are the other key component to achieving the immersive audio experience that a great home theater system can achieve.  These speakers must be mounted in or on the ceiling, so in-ceiling speakers or in-ceiling speakers are required. Although two height speakers is the minimum, the recommendation is to have four, two back height and two front height, to properly create the localization of sounds. The most common configuration for a typical size home theater would be 5.1.4 (Five main channels: Left, Right, Center Surround Left, Surround Right – One Subwoofer channel – Four Height Channels: Front Left and Right Height, Rear Left and Right Height).

4.     Subwoofer(s)

The subwoofer is the anchor for a great home theater experience, providing all the low frequencies for every channel plus the movie effects that make it all seem real. The subwoofer adds the visceral impact to the experience, shaking your room when the explosions occur and filling in the weight of the music soundtracks.  The general rule with subwoofers is MORE! For the best performance, you will want at least two subwoofers, and the more powerful the better. The subwoofer will ultimately define the impact your home theater system achieves. Goldenear offers a great selection of speakers to choose from for all of these applications.

5.    Home Theater Receiver

Today's home theater receivers have become the masters of everything, providing audio processing, source selection and typically multiple choices for streaming audio/video content. For audio processing, you will need an Atmos capable receiver with at least 7 channels of amplification (for a 5.2.1 system), and perhaps as many as 11. There are many great choices on the market today, offering lots of features and functions with surprising value. Want to take it to the next level? Look at a separate Processor and Power Amplifier combination. And of course a 4K Blu-Ray player is a must-have so you can feed your new home theater the highest quality source material. 

Time to Setup your Home Theater System

Why should you have to leave your home to enjoy high-quality video and audio that was formerly only available by visiting a large cinema? An incredible and easy to install home theater system (for you or your GoldenEar AV Integrator) is readily accessible to you, will likely look and sound BETTER than the multiplex cinema, and at a price that is much more affordable than most people realize. Wouldn’t you prefer to watch the movie of your choice, any time that you want? Pause when you want? Finish later if you want? Enjoy with just a small group of friends in the comfort of your own home?

With on-demand movies and TV available at the touch of a button, research shows that more people are leaning towards investing in a home theater system, rather than visiting a cinema! Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in learning more about putting together the system that best suits your needs.

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