How to Position Floor-standing Loudspeakers for the Best Sound

Did you know that specific positioning of your stereo system’s Floor-standing loudspeakers actually makes a significant impact on the quality of sound? Yes, this is true. Simply placing your speakers in the optimal location can immediately improve your room’s audio experience. There are some guidelines that you can follow to get the best sound quality out of your floor-standing loudspeaker.  Let’s check them out!

Get Optimal Results from your Sound System

Each room is different and the resulting sound in a particular room is dependent on multiple factors, such as room architecture, i.e. size, shape, and structure. Furthermore, the contents and finishing of a room may also have an impact on the resulting sound. For instance, a room that is carpeted versus a room with wooden flooring, versus a room that is fully furnished compared with one that is relatively empty – the sound will vary greatly from one scenario to the next.  Audio will translate quite differently in a sparsely furnished room with wooden, ceramic or laminate flooring, versus one with thick wall-to-wall carpet and oversized sofas. You can guess which would sound echo-y and hollow.

In order to improve the sound, one might think about purchasing an expensive new audio component or cables. However, a slight re-positioning of the floor-standing loudspeakers placement may dramatically enhance the overall experience without spending a dime on new “stuff” for your audio system. 

Finding the Perfect Spot

Placing your floor-standing loudspeakers away from boundaries (walls) is always best. An appropriate distance would be around 3 ft (1m) from back and side walls. Less can be OK, and more is often better. As you pull them farther away from the walls you will get less “boundary gain”, which affects low frequencies. The reason for that is when loudspeakers are positioned too close to a wall, or in a corner area, the reflected sound is magnified. At the same time, you will get improved “spaciousness” to the sound.

floor-standing loudspeakers positionLoudspeakers Sweet Spot

The basic relation of the speaker positions and the listener position forms a triangle. The sweet spot will be when the distance between the speakers (the “base” of the triangle) is equal to or more than the distance to the listener (the “height of the triangle). The two speakers should be equidistant from the listener and then toe each speaker in (aim them) to point at the center of the listening area, making sure that the toe-in is identical for both the speakers. This will result in the listening area being the “sweet-spot”.

The idea behind it is that setting the distance between the speakers in such a manner will attain a balance between a wide soundstage and strong center-fill. The further that you place the speakers, the wider the soundstage will be and the better the system will sound for listeners, not in the center of the listening area.


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