Sandy's Invisa HTR 7000 Set-Up Tips

The new Invisa Home Theater Reference In-Ceiling speakers are now shipping and early reports are that they are AMAZING! So, I wanted to give you a few set-up and installation tips to insure you get the same great results.

First, I would suggest that you start with the tweeter level switch in the "+" position. As you know, the ideal tweeter level on this kind of speaker is very variable depending on room acoustics, positioning and personal taste. I would suggest starting there and then adjusting to taste. Second, you can, and should, rotate the Left and Right HTR 7000s in the ceiling so that they point at the central listening position (as we suggest for our freestanding speakers), as shown in the Owners Manual diagram (see below). This will give you the widest possible ideal listening area.

HTR 7000 PlacementsI am often asked to explain this, as some people think that this narrows the ideal listening area. But its nothing of the sort! A simple explanation is this: When you have the left or right speakers pointed straight ahead, a listener, for instance, on the left side of the couch would be both physically closer to the left front speaker as well as more on axis with it and significantly off axis of the right speaker - resulting in the left speaker tending to dominate over the right. When you toe in both the left and the right speaker toward the central listening position, the listener on the left side of the couch will still be closer to the left speaker, but more off axis from it, and less off axis from the right speaker, which all in all will help to subjectively balance things out better for a wider ideal listening area.

And remember, Invisa MPX are the ideal surround/rear speakers to go with the HTR 7000s, for a complete and nearly-invisible high-end home theater.

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