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murphyslaw1978 Posted 5 years 1 month ago

I did consider the Parasound Integrated, but again can't justify the price of an additional amp after getting the Ones just yet. The Parasound five channel should be sufficient for now. Audyssey XT32 is still configured for the older Axioms, so the sound is probably way off. Right now dialog in movies is horrible from the SCXXL, I can barely hear the voices so I'll turn it up but then the Ones are blasting way too loud at that point.

I currently only have speaker wire connected to the Ones, and not the LFE. Will Audyssey be best ran with the LFE connections from the Ones to the Denon, or with just the speaker wire connections? Also, is there a default setting to have the bass settings on he ones when setting up Audysses? The manual says start at 12 o'clock and take it up or down from there when using them for the first time, but going at or above that setting proves to be way too much bass.

Yeah, that's it - you have to re-run Audyssey, even after minimal changes, such as pillows or drapes, not to mention if you moved any of your speakers, even 1 inch. You will probably notice a big change after re-running Audyssey...

I ran my Audyssey with my T1s connected only via speaker cables (no LFE) and the bass set to 12'oclock, but then I set my external subwoofer to flat as well. Once Audyssey runs, it will flatten your response, so I ended up increasing my subs level about 9dB after Audyssey ran to get my house curve back to where I want it.
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Kanob Posted 5 years 1 month ago
Figured out the problem with the center, was out of phase :whistle: Should use more light when installing the wire in the back I guess is the excuse...Funny part was that it sounded about the same when out of phase as the old Axiom VP160 center did. So I ran the LFE cables into the Ones and into the two sub pre-outs with the left tower going to sub 1 and the right tower split with my PSA XS30 sub both into sub pre-out 2. Even with the Ones dialed down to zero I couldn't get the reference of 75 dB, only down to around 85-90 dB.
Will run Audyssey a few times more probably but already after the first time (and discovering the SCXXL was out of phase...) the system sounds tremendously better for movies.

For music, it's still best to just run in direct mode and I suspect it will remain that way as many have said. I've found so far that I'm moving the bass adjustments on the Ones higher for music and when I'm playing movies or games that I have to turn them back down with Audyssey on.
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T Cobe Posted 5 years 1 month ago

I'm glad to hear you're getting things sorted out. I suspected your SCXXL was out of phase. The binding posts GET uses are high quality, but they can be difficult to see the red and black. I've also made that mistake.

I have the gain knobs set at 12:00 due to the fact that I use speaker level inputs only for stereo music playback. You can keep them set where you need them, just turn the sub levels down in your AVR. Keep tweaking and checking back, please.


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