file Triton 5 with "dual" Forcefield 5's - Heaven!

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Jim Patterson Posted 1 month 4 weeks ago
I've been enjoying my Triton 5's now for the last 4 years. My setup has been Marantz sr5010, Emotiva XPA-2 Amp, Triton 5's, SuperSat 50c and Invisa Series in wall speakers and a Forcefield 5 Sub for a 7.1 system.

My Triton 5's are set to Small w/ a crossover set at 80. The Emotiva amp pushes clean power to the Triton 5's and the Forcefield 5 does the rest. I have always been about 95% happy with the sound from this configuration. Don't get me wrong, it has sounded great but there was something missing in the bass. I've tried putting the T5's to large and experimented with the parameters as well but still nothing.

I finally decided to go out last week and purchase another Forcefield 5. I setup the dual subs with one in the front right corner and the other one in the rear left corner. The T5's are of course set to small (crossover 80). The power on the dual subs are also lowered a bit compared to when I only had 1 sub.

Result: My gosh! What an amazing difference to have dual subs! The sound waves are now equal in the room and are pushed in a way where you don't know where the subs are. But the sound that I was looking for is now achievable. I am now 100% satisfied and smile every time I turn it on. Was listening to the Eagles for example and just couldn't believe the sound quality in the room.

Just wanted to share my experience. Again, don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the sound with the single sub but with dual Forcefield 5's it just adds the cherry on top. Love it!!
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