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GeneralPatten06 Posted 2 years 6 months ago
Well....I finally figured out where the issue lied. All AUDYSSEYs fault. I hope this info will help everyone that has feared there was something with these incredible towers. There is two parts to the correction. #1 turn off the dynamic eq, something with this over accentuates the lows and masks all the detail as a result. The second part which is something I decided to do on a whim is change all the dB level settings. I found that Audyssey significantly dropped all the levels so playing at normal volume everything sounded lifeless. I set my SR6011 to 0db and went into speaker levels in the settings. I know this is all subjective but I went ahead and adjusted all the channels to 80db. I also found that because the dynamic eq was off I could adjust the LFE up to the 75db area, again in the speaker level settings. My tower lfe level is at 1 o’clock as I found this the best for me with music. That’s it.
I popped in Avengers Endgame and I could not have been more impressed with what I was hearing. Crisp clean detail, impressive lows without sounding like a bloated mess. I really hope that whoever stumbles across this is also able to reap the benefit of many weeks of experimenting and the wife always telling me it sounds fine lol. Thanks to everyone who’s post I have read. Tons of great info out there just takes forever to get through it all. Enjoy!

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