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Utftballfan Posted 8 years 4 months ago
I picked up my SuperSat 3's and Forcefield 4 sub yesterday. Of course I immediately took them home and installed them. I performed a quick set up and began to listen to music and movies. After about 30 minutes some friends dropped by so I thought I would give them the pleasure to watch and listen. They were blown away by what they thought they heard. You see I have my SuperSats sitting on top of my Definitive Technology towers. They thought the large DT speakers were producing the sound :laugh: . They did not notice the FF 4 in the corner. I then proceeded to show them what speakers were actually connected. I actually had to show them the DT speakers were unplugged. With all that said thanks GoldenEar for the extraordinary set up. I cannot wait to put some 3's in for my rear surround. When I tidy my system up I will post a pic or two.

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Moderator Posted 8 years 4 months ago
Nice!!! Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your new speakers.

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