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palehillrider Posted 9 years 9 months ago
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I put together a pretty good audio setup, for listening at the computer. Let's be honest, how much time do you spend on a computer? So, how about making it quality time.

It is computer based as it uses a late-first generation Apple TV 160gb as the source, analog out to some old school separates, Luxman pre, Counterpoint power and other similar aged and quality parts. All had been in my main system at one time.

I have a home brew computer desk with a top shelf 36" from the floor, that is where the SuperSat 3's are, 48" center to center. For the bottom end, I went for more woofer's than subs, crossed over around 130hz. to a pair of 10" speakers in good cabinets.

For a time, the SuperSats had a lot of hardness and glare, if that's what I could describe it as, but have no fear, it was taken care of completely during break-in. What it sounds like in my setup rivals my x electrostatic headphones, and being a near-field setup, the usual room interactions are no issue. Sounds hit your ears first, no bouncing off walls, floors, ceilings.

As to the sound of the SuperSats, the highest praise I can think of for a system is to say that everything sounds different, from recording to recording. Many speakers put their own "sound" onto what is played through them. Not the SuperSat 3's. Effortless highs, fast mids. These are my favorite tweeters now. I don't hear any resonances from the cabinets, the materials are inert.

Back when I started to think about a computer setup, I wanted a Heil driver based system, and planned on getting active Adam Pro A7X speakers. Then I discovered GoldenEars. The local dealer had the Tritons setup, and they auditioned well, but I never heard the Sats by themselves. So, it was a leap of faith, and it turned out very well.

Future upgrades to my setup will be a DAC, a Mac Mini perhaps, maybe some different amplication too, but the speakers will stay put.

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