SuperSat Series (25 topics)

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Does anyone know how long it usually takes for these stands to come in after they are ordered (and paid for)?
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I picked up my SuperSat 3's and Forcefield 4 sub yesterday. Of course I immediately took them home and installed them. I performed a quick set up and...
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I have ordered 3 of the SuperSat 3s. Two for left and right front and one for center. I have also ordered the Forcefield 4 sub to compliment the 3s....
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Purchased two SuperSat 50s, a SuperSat 50C and a ForceField 4 for a 3.1 system for the living room connected to a Yamaha RX-V871 from Costco (great...
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I put together a pretty good audio setup, for listening at the computer. Let's be honest, how much time do you spend on a computer? So, how about...