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JTaylor70 Posted 1 year 3 months ago
Hello All (and Sandy):

I just purchased a pair of Aon2 s and have been BLOWN AWAY by what they do. After having owned several Magnepans, and being tired of the constant tinkering (new amps /source components etc,.) I had to try something new. I always liked the way dynamic speakers pressurize a room, give you dynamics and tend to be easier to drive. I have owned many speakers with AMTs (Linnaeum, and Heil AMTds), so I was familiar with them. The Heils were pretty great, however the Linaeums were a little peaky. I never felt they crossed over correctly.

The Aon2s are seamless from top to bottom! They are very easy to drive (tiny Linn amp sounds great) and provide REMARKABLE imaging! The Maggies could never quite reach this level of perfection. Upgrade ability is very possible as I can hear changes immediately. I have also pulled the fabric wraps down under the speakers as they sound better nude (did the same with the Maggies). I plan on purchasing an Odyssey amplifier and passive preamp as an upgrade for these.

These are an absolute bargain and I must commend Sandy Gross for his phenomenal achievement!


Jonathan Taylor
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