file Sub & electronics for BRX?

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Vectra Posted 2 weeks 3 days ago
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Would you recommend Super Sub X?
Stereo configuration (from manual)? Or should I look for a receiver w/LFE connector?
"Left and Right Line-Level (RCA) Inputs– For use in a stereo configuration using the Left/Right preamp outputs of
your receiver, processor or integrated amplifier. Use RCA-to-RCA cables to connect the subwoofer and position
the Input Switch in the LEFT/RIGHT IN (Up) position, as shown. In this configuration the subwoofers’s crossover
control is now active, allowing a setting that matches the roll of of your main speakers"

I am currently just using a vintage stereo receiver and old sub with R/L speaker cables to sub and another pair of R/L speaker cables to BRX from same R/L output of amp.

11' x 10' room (thinking of starting with triangle of x=5')
Source = Laptop running ROON on LAN connected to ROON server (dsf & FLac files + Qobuz)
Stereo music only

I have Triton 1.r w/ref center and Triton 3+ surrounds in the HT.

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Moderator Posted 2 weeks 3 days ago
Hi Vectra, First, the SuperSub X would do a great job when teamed up to the BRX bookshelf speakers. The SuperSub X is clean, powerful, and quite musical. I would highly recommend using this subwoofer with the BRX bookshelf speakers. Next, there's really no need to use a processor with an LFE output, or subwoofer output. Connecting the left and right pre-amp outputs of your system to the left and right low level inputs on the SuperSub X would work very well. In this stereo configuration, the low pass crossover on the subwoofer is fully operational - which would allow you to dial in the crossover frequency to properly blend with the BRXs. I suspect you'll find a crossover frequency in the range of 50hz - 80hz would work well in this application. (As long as your main receiver/amplifier has left and right pre-amp outputs, you're in good shape.) Happy Listening!

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