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cheyneb25 Posted 2 weeks 5 days ago
Hello all. I was just posting here in the hopes of getting some good advice on what a good speaker stand would be to use with the BRX speakers.

I run a 7.1.4 setup (with 5 subs EQ'd separately and aligned/summed as the .1 in the system) and the usage for it is about 80% movies/tv and 20% music. I have 2 Aon speakers for the rear surround channels, 2 Triton 5's for the front L/R channels, and I use 3 BRX speakers for the 2 side surround channels and the Center channel.

I already have a dedicated center channel stand that does very well for the BRX positioned there, but I'm having trouble finding a good speaker stand to use with the 2 BRX speakers I use as the side surround channels.

I have them elevated up about 13-14 inches above ear level (ear level is 36") on the universal speaker stands I'm currently using, the VideoSecu2 stands. The problem is that since they are elevated up over ear level the BRX speakers are also being angled down more towards the listening area, and they are somewhat difficult to precisely maneuver and position effectively. The ball joint mechanism that it uses to pan and tilt the attached speaker isn't terrible, but its hard to adjust it with any fine degree of accuracy.

And even though i have weights laying on the bottoms of the stands for stability and to keep them from being too top heavy, the speakers still don't feel as secure as I would like them to being on stands that high up.

And since the stands use adjustable side clamps to hold the speaker in place on the stand, the odd angle/shape of the BRX speaker cabinet makes it hard to get a proper grip on them without applying too much pressure and potentially damaging them.

So, my question is, are there any good articulating/adjustable speaker stands/mounts that can be recommended to use with the BRX bookshelf speakers in this capacity?
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