file driving Aon2s

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wawaron Posted 8 years 2 months ago
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Hi, I'm awaiting delivery of my Aon2s. I own Triton 2s and SS50C and enjoy them tremendously in my HT room. Are the Aon2s as easy to drive as the Trition2s and SS50C? I presume they must be most of all the same driver complements in both. I'll be using an old JVC 5 channel receiver but using it in stereo with a sub. Some dealers told me I should get a bigger and better receiver or amp for the Aon2s???? Yes the sound would be better but is it a necessity?

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Moderator Posted 8 years 2 months ago
Yes, the Aon 2's are easy to drive and quite efficient. However, this is a full range passive speaker (unlike the powered bass section Triton or Satellite SuperSat 50C) and therefore will require more power to achieve full range high volumes.

However, if you are high passing and using a sub, than the above doesn't apply. Also, the Aons are a fantastic sounding audiophile-quality speaker capable of revealing the best from today's electronics. Better quality electronics will yield better sound - the Aons will show off whatever is in front of them. That said, your older JVC receiver will certainly work fine.

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