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I'm considering a pair of either AON 2 or 3 for my front L/R setup. They would have to be placed on top of my cabinet wall unit meaning that each one...
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Hi, I'm awaiting delivery of my Aon2s. I own Triton 2s and SS50C and enjoy them tremendously in my HT room. Are the Aon2s as easy to drive as the...
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I am going to purchase the Aon 3's this Saturday. It looks as though the center appearing in the Aon cinema series is the super sat c rather than the...
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What I really want or less fantasize about is getting someone's flagship. As you can tell by my fantasies I am just past middle age, not sure it...
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Hi, I own the TritonTwos and the SS50C for my home theater room. I like the sound so much am looking to purchase the Aon 2 or 3, for my living room....
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Just wondering why the larger Aon is Aon 3 and the larger tower is Triton 2? Thanks, GM
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Hi, As a satisfied owner of a Triton Two/supersat50C setup in my home for music and films, I am considering an Aon 2 setup at work, paired with a...
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