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Hi What Amplifier do you recommend for a pair of Triton One ???
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Man I love the ones wonder how much better is the Triton References are to the Ones ?.. Would the extra 2ks would make a major difference or justifiable ?.
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I found a deal where I couldn't pass up on a well kept & cared for super beautiful pair of Triton ones .
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I know the Triton Ones have an internal DSP for the subwoofer section, at least I remember reading that. My question is whether or not that system...
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Hi all, new to the forums and have been considering the GET reference. In the fall when schedule frees up, I'll be scheduling a demo of several...
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I do find the current bass levels to be excellent, but subs like the Kef KC62 are getting great reviews and seem to go a couple of db lower... --Peter
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Hi, I'm new here. I just bought floor models of the triton 2+ as my first pair of nice speakers and I need to buy a receiver for them. I'm hoping to...
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The triton seven is 8 ohms but the reading on a multimeter gives 3.7 ohms, is this normal?
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Hi-- I currently have the following 5.1 setup: - Two T7's as front (set to small w/ Denon receiver) with LFE crossover at frequency Sandy recommends -...
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Just curious. Has the Reference been discontinued? It has not been available for purchase on the website for quite some time.
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22lx17w room that opens into another larger room via a ten foot Wide opening. Using them for 2 channel listening. Will the reference make that big of...
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Does anyone know the shipping box dimensions for the Triton Reference ? Thanks
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Hi all, I'm new to the GoldenEar community. I am looking to set up a home theater system that will be great for movies and music. I am considering the...
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Hi Is anyone using the long wall behind their Titons vs, the short wall? If so what have been your experiences. My room is 12'8 inches by 16' 8 inches. Paul
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hello all so I have been using an older (pre HDMI) Denon 3805 and Just upgraded to a Anthem MRX1120. Using Triton 3+ and XL center . Running a 5.1...
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Hello friends, Let me just say quickly I'm a super happy and satisfied owner of the triton 1 r's. It's great to have speakers and not have the itch to...
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Hi all, I have been running triton 3+’s as my mains for about a year and a half now, and they’ve been paired with a forcefield 5 sub since day...
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I am in the process of moving from NY to FL. I will be able to move my TRef out of my current home theater and into a dedicated 2 channel audio room....
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Good afternoon guys. I'm the proud second owner of a pair of v. 1 Triton 2's. I've been wanting these speakers for years, and finally have them....
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Was wondering if anyone had LCRs behind AT screen and/or in Baffle wall? Not sure with the side radiators if they are good for baffle wall behind...
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