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Re: New owner, new setup
by Moderator
3 days 3 hours ago
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Hello I'm about 60 hours into breaking-in the Triton 3+, or as a dealer described them to me as the ugly stepchild of the Triton's. (I could not...
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Hello friends, Let me just say quickly I'm a super happy and satisfied owner of the triton 1 r's. It's great to have speakers and not have the itch to...
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Hi Just wondering where I can purchase triton references Boxes. Original boxes are gone and need to transport them. Happy to good money so goldenear...
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Hi, I'm getting frustrated with my Triton One sub woofer amp module. My dealer is super helpful and working to order another replacement, but I'm...
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Green light is not lighting up, on my Triton 2 towers. Looks like fuse has blown. How to replace the fuse. If possible share the video clip. The...
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I am not one to drive my speakers a super loud levels . I have very clean power using a McIntosh MA-7000 which has power guard to prevent clipping to...
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Will be travelling 4 hours to a dealer and would like to know the Triton 1.R shipping carton size and maybe Triton Reference if I go crazy. Hope not...
FMaximus's Avatar
I've been thinking of painting the base and cap of the Triton for some time. I removed both and took them to an auto body place that I've been...
spearfish25's Avatar
I just received new Triton Ones and noticed the mesh grill at the top right corner on one tower has a slight outward bulge. It’s noticeable with the...
Pbgalvin's Avatar
I have the References as my mains and currently an XXL as the center in my HT setup. Having read the reviews, couldn't stand it and decided to upgrade...
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My current setup is Triton 7's with the SuperCenter XL and SuperStat 3's for the rear. I also have a HSU VTF-3 MK4 Sub. The sub is connected to a...
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So I recently bought Triton One.Rs and a Super Center Reference. The 1.Rs replaced DefTech BP6s After setting up the new speakers. When I turn the...
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I'm trying to use it with my pair of Triton 2+ and I'm stumped by its 180 degree out of phase left channel output. On stand alone stereo sub's you...
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Hello, I have a new theater speaker setup on order. This will consist of Triton 3+, SuperCenter XXL, SuperSub X and SuperSat 3's for surrounds. I...
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Was thinking about buying a 9w per channel single ended amplifier and was wondering if others have run their Reference speakers with a single ended...
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Front T1 Center XL Back Supersat 50 What should I set my speakers at Large or Small? And why? They are set at all small.
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Hello. Currently I have a Golden Ear 7.2 home theater sitting at one end of a large room. The main speakers are Triton 5 towers and the on-wall...
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I've been a pretty happy T1 owner for a while now. I'd have to look up the original purchase date to be sure... but after I owned them for about a...
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My current system consists of the following: Triton 7 Fronts Triton 7 Rears Super Center X ML Dynamo 1000 Sub Denon AVR H4300 Receiver (Supersat 50s...
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file Triton References
Finally got my Triton Refernces which replaced my Triton 1s. I'm going to need some time to spend with them but my initial Impression is whoa!!! I...
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