file Triton Two's Outdated?

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wweiss Posted 8 years 5 months ago
I love my Triton Two's but after spending $3,000 I would like to know will GoldenEar have a trade in policy to upgrade when the Triton Ones arrive? I know not now but one day they will be here :(

The reason I'm asking is because I read an article in Hi-fi+ that said the mid bass driver in the new Triton 7 is much superior in dynamic performance than the original mid bass driver in the Triton two. It stated the knew driver has better- higher resolution and quicker transient response.

Can the new mid bass drivers be swapped out in my Triton Two's at the dealer level?

Why are the Aon 3's and the new Supercenter XL still using the older drivers?
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Moderator Posted 8 years 5 months ago
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Glad you are happy with your Triton Twos. Trade ins are a retailer function, you'll have to check with your dealer when the time comes.

I am afraid you misunderstood the comments by Chris Martens. The drivers in the other GoldenEar speakers are not outdated. After a review of the comments in the TAS Triton Seven review, I understand the source of this confusion. What the review actually said was that the driver was superior to the one that was in the prototype Triton Seven we demonstrated at the 2013 CES (which becomes clear when he references excursion, etc., which has nothing to do with the 4-1/2" drivers used in the other Tritons).

The prototype speakers that Chris and other members of the audio press heard at this preview introduction, and which the reviewer was referring to here, did not have production midrange/bass drivers. These drivers did not have our proprietary cone with its unique, computer-optimized shape (which was of course developed for the Triton Two). The new 5-1/4" version of this proprietary cone was not tooled up in time for the CES 2013 preview prototypes we demonstrated. So, the improvement in the drivers the reviewer was talking about related to the fact that the production Triton Sevens he reviewed had drivers that incorporated the special cone technology developed for the drivers in the all Triton models, while the ones in the prototypes he heard at CES did not.

Also, when comparing the Triton Seven with the Triton Two and Three, since it has less bass extension and dynamics than the powered-bass Triton Two and Three, the midrange is psychoacoustically more prominent, so subjectively may seem to have greater detail.

Hope this helps clarify.

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