file Ultimate Bass from Triton Two's?

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wweiss Posted 8 years 5 months ago
I am the owner of a pair of Triton Two's. I have the bass section set at the 1:30 position. The moderator made the comment two ForceField 5's with the Triton Two's would be the ultimate system. Well I have two Velodyne 12" subs.(Love the remote control function!Can mute and hear the difference at the touch of a button.) These subs have similar output to the ForceField 5's. Connection-using a Y-spliter from the LFE output on my receiver. Movies are incredible,wall shaking!-my question is,How can I get similar bass output in music where there is no LFE content? Are there other set up alternatives? I am a rock drummer-using acoustic and amplified electronic drums,playing music in a large open room with high ceilings. I listen at realistic levels of 95-100 db.
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Moderator Posted 8 years 5 months ago
In your current setup your outboard subs get LFE-only, great for movies, nothing for music. The alternative configuration does have some implications depending on how your electronics handles bass management crossovers. IF you can set a separate crossover frequency for each channel group, then an alternative is as follows:

1) Set L/R Triton Twos to "Small" with an 80 Hz crossover (to start)
2) Leave the center crossover where you have it now (I don't know your center so I'll assume it has been set correctly)
3) Sub crossover set to the higher of the two settings (L/R and center) and make sure the crossover is bypassed on the subs' controls

Now you will get subwoofer bass for music and movies, Only caveat is you are now directing center channel bass to the subwoofers instead of the Triton Twos so it is important that the subs be in the front of the room.

Hope this helps.
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