file Spikes or no spikes (carpet / pad over concrete)

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HTSME Posted 3 years 1 month ago


I am aware of Sandy's setup advice with regard to forward tilt of the Triton Series to point the speakers toward the listener. In my case, since it was so easy to experiment with my various bolt lengths, I decided to try a front to back tilt. I preferred the more indirect sound provided by this approach.

The nice thing about using the bolts is that various elevation approaches are relatively easy to explore.



Art - I would have never tired it after reading the set-up guide by Sandy. You really touched on the key, "since it was so easy to experiment with the various bolt lengths". Most of us would just follow the set-up sheet and kept it level and for those of us that have read where Sandy suggested tilting the speaker down toward the seating position we may try that if not satisfied with the SQ.

Understand what your saying with the indirect approach being your preference. Having come from a high end Definitive Technology system where the sound stage is also wide due to the reflective sound off the rear wall behind the towers.

Thanks for sharing what you did and posting for others. We all like to try and tweak until we are satisfied with the SQ. You may have lead others to try this solution.

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