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ArthurDaniels Posted 3 years 11 months ago
My experience somewhat parallels Hawkeye's comments. My primary interest is in listening to music, which, in turn, is primarily classical. When listening to classical music, bass becomes important as part of the total sound content.

When listening to a pipe organ, or to symphonic music with deep percussion (bass drums), being able to feel the bass as well as hear it becomes important. But, when listening to a string quartet or to choral music, what is important is to be able to hear the tonality of the bass. There is no expectation of room-shaking bass when listening to a cello or even to a bowed double bass.

After a brief period of trying to use my Ones for both music and movie sound, I decided that I would totally separate the two sound systems. Therefore, I dedicated my Ones to music and provided other speakers driven by other amps for movie sound.

I have set the LFE control on my Ones to about the 2:00 o'clock position to augment the bass a bit for music because I rarely play the music really loud.. Also, I employ a Paradigm sub to augment the music bass when I am listening at low volume levels. The Paradigm is not active when I listen at my version of room volume.

My totally separate movie sound system has it's own dedicated sub.

I don't recommend this approach to anyone else -- I just mention it because it works for me.

Happy listening,

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