file Triton With Audyssey MultEQ® XT32 ?

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Antman27 Posted 1 year 5 months ago
Hello i am running Triton 3 Plus and XL center in my 5.1 room (paradigm rears for now )
I am looking to upgrade to a new Marantz SR7013 and seeing some threads on how Audyssey does not work well with Tritons due to sub .
Any thoughts or tricks ?
I have an older Denon now and for HT I run tritons small cross over 80

Thanks Anthony

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rjohn79395 Posted 1 year 5 months ago
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Hi Anthony

First, I'd recommend breaking the new AVR in without running Audyssey first so the SQ has reached a stable level with no more changes. And you can get an idea of how you like the sound "as is". Do you always run the T3+'s as small, crossed to a sub, for music and HT?.

If so, and the free standing sub is the only speaker with an LFE connection, then I would guess running Audyssey should work just fine.

My experience with Audyssey involves running Tritons as large, LFE connected, sub on. I also don't know if the 7013 may have further refinements to Audyssey vs my 7010.

I have the T Ref's set up on sub 1 out, and the surround T1's on sub 2 out. For both sub 1 and 2 mic check, Audyssey kept asking me to turn down the sub volumes during calibration. I turned the bass dials on the Tritons all the way to minimum, and finished running the calibration, even though Audyssey wanted me turn down further, which I could not do. When finished, I turned the Triton bass controls back to where I like them for music so I had speaker bass settings I liked, and turned the sub bass gains in the receiver WAY back for .1 LFE feeds, because Audyssey wanted to play sub volume REALLY loud. I think the issue with my set up is that Audyssey doesn't know that the subs are built into the same Triton speakers that are also servng front or surround duty and not separate units.

Over time, I stopped using Audyssey altogether, even removed any traces during a factory reset because I like the sound better without it.

Every room and listening preference is different. If after break in, you want to refine the sound quality some, it can't hurt to try running Audyssey and see what it does.

Also, you can choose, after running Audyssey calibration, whether to have it on or off, try it both ways on various types of music or movie sound tracks.

Hope this helps.

5.4.4 HT speakers: T Ref fronts/LFE 1, SuperCenter Ref, T1 surrounds/LFE 2, HTR 7000 top fronts, Invisa 525 top rears
Zone 2 speakers; 2 Invisa 525's
AVR: Marantz SR 7010
Amps: AT525NC 5 channel, Parasound 275 v.2 stereo
Cable/TiVo, OPPO BDP 105D, Bluesound Node 2i

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