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danzaman Posted 1 year 9 months ago
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Hi all, I'm new to the GoldenEar community. I am looking to set up a home theater system that will be great for movies and music. I am considering the below setup after everything I've read and would love to get feedback. I've also attached a layout of my listening room—I will be adding wall to wall carpet.

-Triton 5's (left+right)
-SuperCenter XL (center)
-Aon 3's (surrounds)

I will be pairing these speakers with an SVS PB-2000 Pro Subwoofer.

  1. Overall, does this setup look like it will give me great performance for movies and music?
  2. I need to buy a new receiver to power these (under $2k). What would you recommend?
  3. Is there a trial period on the speakers like some other brands offer?
  4. Any recommendations on speaker stands for the surrounds? (Aon 3)
  5. Anything else I'm missing to get the best performance out of this setup?

Thank you so much! Much appreciated.
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Moderator Posted 1 year 9 months ago
Hi danzaman,
1- This set up looks like it would be a great system for both music and movie applications.
2- We've have found that high-current, high quality receivers work best with GoldenEar loudspeakers. Some of the brands that fit this criteria would include Anthem, Integra, Yamaha, and Marantz.
3- When buying directly from the GoldenEar website, there isn't a trial period. You might, however, try checking with your local GoldenEar dealer. They're free to set their own return and exchange policies.
4 - The Sanus SF30 speaker stands should work well with the Aon 3s.
5- Within reason, I'd recommend spreading out the front left and right towers as far as you can. I'd also angle or toe the speakers inward toward the main listening position.
Happy Listening!
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rjohn79395 Posted 1 year 9 months ago
Hi, danzaman

Moderator Dude covered the waterfront....

An additional personal experience thought:

You show the sub positioned in front just to the right of the right front T5. I don't know at what level you'll cross the T5's to the sub, but they're pretty darn competent playing bass , so you'll have good bass up front with a fairly low crossover. While bass is pretty non directional, I find that moving the larger bass source away from other bass sources (the T5's) gives a better bass balance. If you can move the sub to the back wall, that may help a bit.

You're gonna' love that system!


Happy listening!
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