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kyson Posted 7 months 2 weeks ago
I have read pros and cons of full range loudspeakers with a built in subwoofer. The pros are better integration of the sub section to the midrange drivers and tweeters. The crossover is better optimized for the driver and cabinet dynamics. Also the sub is better time aligned (phase matched) to the mid-range drivers from the use of the DSP.
However many people talk about that in most cases, the best placement location for subwoofer(s) are using two subs in opposite walls, such as front and rear wall, left wall and right wall, or in two opposing corners of the room. With Speakers like the triton one, these sub placement options are not available. Any reflections on this subject?
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charliehatch Posted 7 months 2 weeks ago
Hi kyson!

You bring up a very interesting area. Rooms, with all their standing waves (modes) and reflections can be difficult to cope with. I struggled with not-full-range speakers plus a pretty good sub for years. I was never able to solve the integration problem to my satisfaction, even though it had gain, crossover and phase (0 or 180) adjustments. I did a lot of experimentation in room placement, but with only one sub, my options were limited. Having two -- or more -- subs opens up many more possibilities.

When I finally got a Triton 1, I was amazed at how better the bass was integrated with everything else. The same is true with my TRef.

Nowadays there are some sophisticated DSP room equalization boxes and software that can measure the sound at your listening position and design filters to optimize the system response. I use a DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4 (a DAC/Pre), which came with a microphone and stand. It is semi-automatic, but also allows you to design special filters to help fine tune the system at your listening position. I have spent many hours experimenting with it. I was impressed with the improvement that box made. Good as it is, time has marched on, and there may be better solutions out there.

I highly recommend two books on room problems and their solutions:

Everest, F. Alton, and Pohlmann, Ken C., Master Handbook of Acoustics, 6th Ed. The chapter on Comb Filtering will blow your mind (at least, it did mine!).

Toole, Floyd E., Sound Reproduction. This is a classic.

These books should be available on Amazon. I have read both, and they are excellent, very readable, and in my opinion, worth the money.

Good Luck!

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GDHAL Posted 7 months 2 weeks ago
Hi Kyson. I'll respond to this in a different manner than Charlie. This is simple , you're correct that you need two or more subs. If you have Triton ones or any of the power triton line of speakers you don't need any additional subs. The power tritons should be to the left and right of your primary listening position, hence the left wall and right wall as you've pointed out. So I don't understand what your concern is.

As to any reflections, yes I have some reflections. I'm very happy having chosen powered Triton speakers (I owned the T1s and now own the TRef) over other speakers and then having to deal with adding one or more subs externally.
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