file Triton 3 Highs Lack Brightness

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Joshuaa Posted 6 months 3 weeks ago
Hi…I’ve been a GE owner for several years and love their speakers. Recently while watching a movie it seemed that the highs are lacking brightness or “sparkle”…this is not something that just happened but something I’ve noticed a few times. When I plugged in a set of BW bookshelf speakers the highs had much more brightness and detail but could be fatiguing after a while. I picked up a pair of Ohm Walsh 3s over the weekend and they too are much brighter and detailed in the highs. So, my question is…is there a way to get more detail/sparkle out of the highs on the GE? Everything seems soft and almost rolled off.

Denon 4500
2 Crown 1002 bridged powering the T3s


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rjohn79395 Posted 6 months 3 weeks ago
Hi Joshua

If this is a new problem, I'd suspect the particular feeds, unless it is all feeds now, and if so, I'd want to first listen to each T3 up close to determine if they both sound the same. If not, there may be a tweeter driver in one of them that needs replacing.

In general, the GoldenEar HVFR tweeters will be less bright (fatiguing in my view) than most any cone tweeter I've ever heard, but sweeter, and smoothly detailed. So if that is not what you're hearing now, on familiar tracks, as you've heard before, then something in the T3 tweeters, or the gear feeding them has changed. I'd be inclined to listen to each T3 separately first to determine if one of the T3 tweeters is amiss.

Just a thought.

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