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New old stock Triton 2
by roni44
2 days 18 hours ago
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I have the References as my mains and currently an XXL as the center in my HT setup. Having read the reviews, couldn't stand it and decided to upgrade...
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My current setup is Triton 7's with the SuperCenter XL and SuperStat 3's for the rear. I also have a HSU VTF-3 MK4 Sub. The sub is connected to a...
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So I recently bought Triton One.Rs and a Super Center Reference. The 1.Rs replaced DefTech BP6s After setting up the new speakers. When I turn the...
Guifi's Avatar
I'm trying to use it with my pair of Triton 2+ and I'm stumped by its 180 degree out of phase left channel output. On stand alone stereo sub's you...
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Hello, I have a new theater speaker setup on order. This will consist of Triton 3+, SuperCenter XXL, SuperSub X and SuperSat 3's for surrounds. I...
WayneWilmeth's Avatar
Was thinking about buying a 9w per channel single ended amplifier and was wondering if others have run their Reference speakers with a single ended...
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Front T1 Center XL Back Supersat 50 What should I set my speakers at Large or Small? And why? They are set at all small.
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Hello. Currently I have a Golden Ear 7.2 home theater sitting at one end of a large room. The main speakers are Triton 5 towers and the on-wall...
ArthurDaniels's Avatar
I've been a pretty happy T1 owner for a while now. I'd have to look up the original purchase date to be sure... but after I owned them for about a...
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My current system consists of the following: Triton 7 Fronts Triton 7 Rears Super Center X ML Dynamo 1000 Sub Denon AVR H4300 Receiver (Supersat 50s...
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file Triton References
Finally got my Triton Refernces which replaced my Triton 1s. I'm going to need some time to spend with them but my initial Impression is whoa!!! I...
Em84's Avatar
Question for The Boss (Sandy) Any plans for fully active Tritons, with built in amps and Dacs and networking audio streaming, a bit like KEF's new...
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I have the supersat 50 as my center speaker. I have Triton 2 as my front 2 speakers and I guess the sat 50 as rear. (they are small and were the...
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Well, the title pretty much says it all, but to elaborate slightly I was reading an old post on another forum about speaker spikes. I realized the...
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Hi guys, I'm the proud owner of Triton Ones for a couple years now. I've been struggling to audition a pair of beadphones that give that same or...
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Hey guys. Curious if anyone has any experience with or comments (good or bad) regarding Tekton Double Impact speakers...
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Hello guys , i'm new to this forum and i need help setting up my home theater system and i know it will be pain to setup . i need all the advice you...
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I’m trying to determine which Triton model, the Reference, the 1 or 2 fits my situation. I would like to know how much clearance from a wall or...
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file External Amp?
Need a little help if XPA-5 would provide a noticeable improvement over my dedicated receiver. I have a Yamaha RX-A 3030 pushing a 9.2 system made up...
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I am getting close to buying the Triton References. My question is (A) I have a 16x16x8 dedicated listening room and is this room too small for these...
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