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So with the Supercenters coming up, and having recently upgraded my 50c to a 60c....the question arises again. I would love to hear a sales pitch...
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I will use the SuperSat60/c for L,C,R of a TV on the Wall. I have roughed in 4 ceiling speaker locations that will be surround and mids. My question:...
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Last Saturday I bought the Triton Twos, 60C and 3C to replace my old v2 Paradigm Monitor 7, CC-350, Mini-Monitor and PS-10000. I was very very...
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With the 60c close to release, and as a consumer, I'm quite interested in being further educated for my upgrading decision :) Now as close as nine...
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Anyone have thoughts on which might be better to Home Theater. The SS3 or the AON bookshelf I want to make sure rear can sonically match the rest of...
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