file I was all set to go with HTR-7000's until...

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cheyneb25 Posted 6 months 2 weeks ago

TommyTwoTone wrote: Hi GE Friends,
Hi and welcome. This relates to using the HTR 7000 for Atmos height channel speakers, not for LCR or Surround (ear-level) applications. Use of the HTR 7000 for ear-level speakers is simply an issue of listening distance vs ceiling height (the taller the ceiling, the further away you must be to get the correct image location). For an 11' ceiling your primary listening/viewing area would need to be, at a minimum, between 12-18 feet away from the speakers' relative position.

Hello! I am looking to briefly revive this thread in the hopes of getting an answer to my query. I am investigating on whether or not the Invisa HTR 7000's will be appropriate for my non-dedicated home theater setting.

I have 7'9" ceilings and where I sit my ears are about between 80" and 90" away from both the front and rear pairs of atmos channels in my room. Neither pair of atmos channels are more than 5'6" in front of or behind the main seating position.

In this scenario would the HTR 7000's serve well in an atmos capacity or would the imaging be off?

Thanks in advance for any responses i get here, cheers!

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Moderator Posted 6 months 2 weeks ago
Hi cheyneb25, when using the Invisa HTR7000s as your Atmos speakers (in a 7' 9" ceiling), I would recommend placing these speakers roughly 5 - 6 feet in front of (and behind) the main listening position. Since the Invisa HTR7000s play at a 30 degree angle from the ceiling , it sounds like the Invisa HTR7000s would work very well your application. Happy Listening!

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