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Dark Posted 8 months 2 weeks ago
Hello everyone!

I haven't posted in these forums in quite awhile. But I'm back seeking guidance. My wife and I are hoping to close on a house early next month and I'm planning out our media room and family room system.

This question pertains to the family room system which will be a secondary system; the media room is the primary system.

The goals for this very open, heigh ceiling room are aesthetics.

The center channel will likely be a SuperSat 50c, the rears will be the Invisa 650s mounted in the wall above the kitchen.

My question is for the front left and right channels. The wiring is pretty high up on the wall (maybe 7 feet?) and I'm considering either going with the Invisa 650s or the MPX.

How much difference is there between these speakers for this application? I do want something that will still sound decent for music so we can listen to it while cooking, when guests are over, or even when I don't want to go upstairs and turn on the full media room system.


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Moderator Posted 8 months 2 weeks ago
While it is your call, since both will sound very good, I'd think the wider horizontal dispersion of the MPX will work better when you want music fulling the room and they will do a tremendous job for movies, too. Just my $0.02

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