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ditty Posted 2 weeks 5 days ago
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We're having a new house built and I'm looking for suggestions on the best Goldenear System for our family room. Ideally I'd like a 5.1 surround system with all of the speakers (with the exception of the subwoofer) in-wall or in-ceiling. Pretty much anything except the SPS would be in budget. We would be using this for both movie/tv watching and music. While the MLP would be a couch in the family room, ideally someone in the breakfast nook or kitchen could also reasonably hear. I had originally thought HTR 7000s for the R/L/C would be a good choice, but it seems like the angle would not be best choice for listening in the rooms farther away from the MLP. The HTR 7000s still seem like the right choice for surrounds (only care about surround in the MLP). Seems like MPXs could make for good R and L, but doesn't orient well for C. Would in-wall 650s be a good choice for R/L/C? Should I consider the 3D Array XL instead? What would your recommendations be for the best family-friendly R/L/C given the layout and listening preferences?
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rjohn79395 Posted 2 weeks 5 days ago
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Hi ditty and welcome!

Good choice in speaker brands!!!!

Moderator has the most experience with all these speakers and their varied uses.

But here's my input based on owning and/or listening to the speakers you reference. I have Invisa ceiling speakers in the kitchen on zone 2, music only (a pair of 525's) and as four height speakers (2 525's and 2 7000's) in the HT area adjacent in a T shaped great room, in the nine channel HT set up. Whether playing music or using the HT, the sound is well distributed. IMO ceiling speakers, including 7000's , can distribute sound throughout a room.

If you have the distances to present fronts, center and surrounds via 7000's at ear level at the MLP, I think you'd be very happy with 7000's for both, and with the sound distribution around the room. 7000's are truly refined, and the 7" mid/bass drivers can deliver a level of bass response that is amazing. And with all 7000’s in multi channel music plus a sub, the sound in the adjoining kitchen should be great also.

Just my opinion. Moderator can surely add perspective and options.

Happy listening!

5.4.4 HT speakers: T Ref fronts/LFE 1, SuperCenter Ref, T1 surrounds/LFE 2, HTR 7000 top fronts, Invisa 525 top rears
Zone 2 speakers; 2 Invisa 525's
AVR: Marantz SR 7010
Amps: AT525NC 5 channel, Parasound 275 v.2 stereo
Cable/TiVo, OPPO BDP 105D, Bluesound Node 2i
47" Panasonic 3D smart tv

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Moderator Posted 2 weeks 1 day ago

Congratulations on the new home!
Assuming the TV is being mounted over the fireplace perpendicular to the Kitchen you indeed have a few options. First question, assuming the sheetrock isn’t up yet, is have you considered Dolby Atmos and DTS-X? If you are not familiar, it is worth looking into before the sheetrock goes up, even if you are not able to pull the trigger now or aren't sure, I would recommend wiring for it before the sheetrock goes up. If you decide later to make the move the wire in already available and in place.

HTR-7000’s in the rear would work nicely, looking at the diagram you might also consider MPX as surrounds on the partial walls as you enter the kitchen. MPX is a diffuse speaker that works very well as side and rear surrounds and if this location works, would allow you to get them out of the ceiling and closer to the listening height.

Couple of thoughts on the front channel options. Assuming 9’ ceilings in the family room, and a couch that is probably going to be 12’ from the fireplace wall, you could do 7000’s and I think you would be thrilled. If in-wall L/C/R is an option you can make work, I would recommend that route over in-ceiling, especially if at some point Atmos/DTS-X becomes an option. Yes, 650’s will work great as an L/C/R. square grilles are not included in the box, but we do have them available as an option. Something else you might consider would be SuperSat-60’s, although this option is getting close to the expense of the SPS and might bust the budget. Either option will be plenty for kitchen listening at reasonable levels.

With the open floorplan of the kitchen and family room you have quite a bit of cubic volume to fill. I would do either a single, or dual (L&R) SuperSub-X.

Hope this helps, feel free to call if you would like to discuss in greater detail.
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