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NewtoGE Posted 1 week 2 days ago
Hello - looking for advice for a newbie.

I was very interested in the GE SPS in wall for my left/right/center but just realized my left and right wires are about 16 feet apart (not sure why this happened and wall is up). This wall is 24 ft and the TV which is in the middle is 75 inches. Couch is about 10-12 feet from tv, but it seems to me the in wall wires are too far apart? Is this true? I included a pic of where the wires are (the cardboard) before the drywall was up.

If so, although we really really wanted in wall would a better option for a similar price be the triton 5 which I could move closer to the TV? Is the quality the same between the t5 and sps? If this is a better option for the center could I do the SPS or would you recommend the super center?

Thanks again for the help. We are disappointed at the wire issue so trying to make something work. This is in a open concept great room (family room open to kitchen) and would use thus foe both music and 5.1.

Thanks again.

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Moderator Posted 6 days 2 hours ago
Hi NewtoGe, You are correct. Installing the SPS in-wall speakers 16 feet apart in your application would be a bit too far apart. Since your main listening position is 10-12 away, ideally we'd want the front left and right speakers approximately 12 feet apart. In this case, using a set of Triton 5s as your front speakers would work very well. Overall, the performance Triton 5s would be "in the same league" as the SPS in-wall speakers. (Granted, the drivers used in the SPS are a bit better than the ones used in the Triton5s, however, the performance of the Triton 5s is a bit more consistent or less installation dependent.) Given a choice, I would recommend using the Triton 5s in your application.

Using a single SPS as your center speaker (along with the Triton 5s as your main speakers) would work quite well. If it's easier, a SuperCenter XL would also be a good choice. Happy Listening!

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