question-circle HTR7000 Rear Surrounds Distance?

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Drewcwsj Posted 10 months 3 days ago
I am building a 5.1.4 ATMOS setup with the SuerCinema XL upfront, 4x 650 for Heights and HTR7000 for rear surround. I have 10' ceilings and by my math the HTR7000's should be mounted 13 feet behind the MLP. Does that seem right?

My floorplan is a 16' by 16" great room backed by an open 16' by 24' kitchen.

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Moderator Posted 10 months 8 hours ago
Hi Drewcwsj, In a real sense, your math is correct. When placed in the ceiling, the Invisa HTR7000s play at a 30 degree angle from the ceiling surface. When placed in a 10 foot ceiling - (and assuming an ear level of approximately 3 feet - 3.5 feet above the floor), you would expect the speakers to be aimed at a listening position that's roughly 11 1/2 - 12 feet away from the speakers. However, since the Invisa HTR7000s have a reasonably wide or broad dispersion pattern - and they'll be mounted to your sides (as well as behind the main listening position), I would recommend placing these in-ceiling surround speakers roughly 6-7 feet behind the main listening position and 10-11 feet apart from each other. In this location, I would recommend aiming or angling the speakers so they're facing directly toward the main listening position. This should produce a convincing surround effect.

I would also recommend placing the Invisa 650 Atmos speakers approximately 2 feet in front of the main listening position and 2 feet behind the main listening position - and roughly 9-10 feet apart from each other. Happy Listening!

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