question-circle SuperCinema Crosstalk Cancellation vs Noise Cancellation?

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apete Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
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Hello! I am strongly considering picking up the SuperCinema X soundbar (not the XL), but had one concern before doing so.

I know that many folks don't experience issues like nausea or ear pain with noise canceling headphones, but I'm one of those people who is super sensitive to it. Even with "good" noise cancellation (like on my Sony XM3 headphones), I can't stand the feeling of pressure it puts on my head and ears.

With the SuperCinema's interaural crosstalk cancellation drivers, will it produce anything like the effect of noise canceling headphones? Has anyone experienced or reported this feeling happening?

I'll be installing the soundbar in a smallish living area, but with a couch and wall along one side and an open area to the rest of the house on the other side -- not an ideal space, but oh well. I'd love to know whether there could be any inconsistencies or issues with the crosstalk cancellation when (1) the soundbar isn't facing into a perfectly symmetrical room, and (2) when people are moving around or sitting in various configurations around the soundbar (including anything from straight in front of the soundbar, all the way to sitting close to the wall 2-3 feet directly in front of the right channel).


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Moderator Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
Hi apete, The interaural crosstalk cancellation technology used in the SuperCinema 3D Array sound bar produces a large, spacious soundstage where your left ear hears the left channel of the sound bar (only) and your right ear hears the right channel of the sound bar (only). I have not found this technology to sound odd or "particularly unrealistic". The effect is also not nearly as strong or "noticeable" like what I've heard with noise cancelling headphones. Maybe you could audition the sound bar at your local dealer and see (or hear) what you think.

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