file SuperCinema 3D Array X doesn't sound "right"

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j-h Posted 1 month 1 week ago
Recently purchased a SuperCinema 3D Array X and a ForceField 3. However, the system sounds "muffled", not clear. Since this has gotten so many great reviews, I assume I'm doing something wrong. Help would be appreciated.

When first setting up, I used the automated setup (Onkyo receiver w/ AccuEQ). But then I went back in and corrected the speaker distances. Later, I read many comments stating that these automated setups can cause issues with the Array, so I disabled AccuEQ (Onkyo makes this difficult, requiring disabling in each input rather than in a central location).

- Array positioned right underneath wall mounted TV
- Onkyo TX-NR656
- Speaker distances: 10-11'
- L/C/R crossover: tried both 120 and 100 Hz
- LPF of LRE: 120 Hz
- L/R: +0 dB
- C: +2 to as high as +5 dB

Any suggestions on how to get this sounding better?

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Moderator Posted 1 month 1 week ago
Hi j-h, The settings you've mentioned seem 'correct'. I do not see any 'red flags' with these settings. Boosting the channel level for the center speaker generally provides more clarity and presence to the vocals or dialogue. (So a setting of +2 to +5 for the center channel sounds normal.) The crossover settings also seem reasonable. You might try lowering the LP of LFE to 80hz (for the subwoofer), though. You might be getting a bit more upper bass than needed with a LP of LFE setting of 120hz.

At some point, you might try removing the grille on the sound bar and carefully listening to the 3 x tweeters used in the sound bar to make sure all 3 x tweeters seem like they're producing about the same output level. (It's possible one or more of the tweeters are not playing like they should.)

You might try looking at a few other settings on your receiver and television. Specifically, if you're connecting your television to your receiver with an optical cable, you might try double-checking the audio output setting on your television to make sure it's set to Dolby Digital - not PCM. If your television is only outputting 2-channel PCM, it's possible your Onkyo receiver is outputting Dolby Pro-Logic to the sound bar - which is not nearly as clear and open sounding as Dolby Digital. You might also try double-checking your receiver to make sure it's set to Dolby Digital - and the bass/treble and Equalizer settings are set to flat or neutral.

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