virginia12's Avatar
Hi all, I am looking for a good surround solution for my daughters home. Its a small room and she really does not want to run cables to the rears or...
big2bird's Avatar
I would like to mount my array below the TV on the wall, but be able to tilt it upwards a tad to ear level. Any suggestions/mounting brackets for...
T Cobe's Avatar
We recently did a light remodel of our main family room and decided to go with a layout that didn't leave a lot of room for tower speakers. I took it...
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Will be purchasing the supercinema 3D Array with Forcefield3 sub and my wife thinks that in-wall surrounds would look better in our room. All of the...
LMRappard's Avatar
A fun letter we received with comments on the 3D Array Soundbar from a system designer at our GoldenEar dealer in Atlanta: Dear Sandy, I just wanted...
LMRappard's Avatar
I just setup the SuperCinema 3d array with the SuperSat 3 surrounds and the forcefield 4 for the sub and so far have been extremely impressed. My room...
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