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blcskate Posted 7 years 5 months ago
Hi All,
I have been doing some demo's of GoldenEar speakers and I am really impressed with the Triton Ones. I have been going back and forth on doing a full 7.2.4 setup or doing a 7.2 and add the ceiling in later. However, I just would rather get them all now and be done with it than have to go back into wiring later.

Here is a 7.2 system I was recommended:
Triton One L and R
XXL Center
Paradigm Rear Surrounds Monitor 3 v7 Series (2 Pair)
No Height
No Dedicated Sub since the T1 subs are pretty beast and my room is only 13x19. I am still hesitant to believe a non-dedicated sub will work in a dedicate theater though. I was planning to go Triton Seven and two really good subs, but I keep going back to the T1s because they just sound awesome.

Now what I need recommendations on is a 7.2.4. I would also like to use all GoldenEar if possible. Even though they don't have the same style of surround speaker as the Paradigm ones.

Now if I went full GoldenEar I would envision something like this:
Triton One L and R
XXL Center
4 x Aon 3 (??? - Not the best wall mounted speaker setup I have seen)
Invista (no clue what model would make the best ATMOS speaker??)

Anyone running a system like this or have any educated thoughts on it? My biggest concerns are no dedicated sub in a higher end theater setup, not having a standard one wall surround, and not knowing what the best ceiling speaker is for ATMOS. I really don't want to chop up and use speakers from several manufactures, but I also don't know if this route is as good as I could get by doing so.

Music is not a real concern since I would only listen to it in stereo in the rare event that I used my theater for such a thing.

Thanks All
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T Cobe Posted 7 years 5 months ago

Welcome to the forum! I'm not surprised you keep going back to the Triton Ones, they are amazing and had me hooked after the first audition. I was upgrading from a 5.1 Paradigm Monitor Series theater set up. I'm glad to give you my 2 cents, but ultimately it's what sounds best to you that should be your guide.

First, the T1s have an amazing amount of bass! If you hook them up with the LFE input, you will get great bass output. I have a large theater and get plenty of bass without an added external/dedicated sub. I also have them turned down a bit (1 o'clock on the gain dial and -8 dB on my receiver) and I'm still getting about 80dB on my 75dB test tone. The bass is not only loud, but extremely musical and accurate.

In terms of surrounds, I have the Aon 3s and would not hesitate to recommend Aons to anyone. They are great speakers and a much better match for the T1s than using other brands. Aons use the same tweeter and mid-range drivers as othe GoldenEar speakers. You can get a very cohesive sound stage by using all GET speakers. I agree that the wall mount system isn't the most robust I have seen; however, it works and the Aons sound is superb!

Atmos setups are different from traditional surround setups. They recommend all 7 channels at ear height which lends itself well to using other Triton towers as surrounds as well. Using Triton Twos as surrounds provides a great match to the T1s and gives you 360 degree bass dispersion. The ceiling speakers vary depending on your room. I plan to use the Invisa HTR-7000 in my setup when I'm ready for Atmos. They work better for lower ceilings. You can search the forum for additional recommendations. I don't have the first hand experience to share here...yet.

It sounds like you're on the right track. I would strongly advise going all GET speakers. Let us know what you decide and how it sounds. Happy hunting.


T Cobe
Speakers: Triton One L/R, SCXL, Aon 3 Surr/Back, HTR-7000 Height
Pre/Pro/AVR: Anthem AVM 60, Emotiva XSP-1
Amps: Emotiva XPA-5(2), Emotiva XPA-1L (2)
Sources: Oppo BDP-103D, Emotiva ERC-3, PS4, Pioneer PLX-1000 w/Ortofon 2M Bronze
Display: Epson 6030 UB, Elite Screens 110" Sable
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Dwight Posted 7 years 5 months ago
I have the Triton Ones also & plan on installing ATmos speakers next year. I will be using 4 HTR 7000's as they get good reviews plus my ceiling is 8ft so probably a good fit.

Hope this helps
HT 7.3.4
Triton Ones
Triton One R
Super Sat 50's
Super Sat 50c's
Super Sat 3’s
140 inch 2.35 Elunevision Audio Weave AT screen
JVC X790
Pana. UB9000
Bryston 4Bsst2 power amp
Marantz MM7055 5 channel Power amp
Marantz M7025 2 channel Power amp (2)
Marantz AV7703 Preamp/processor
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WayneWilmeth Posted 7 years 5 months ago
Hey blcslate,
Welcome here, and those are great questions you are asking.
The key here is keeping the same sonic signature sound all around. The HVFR is awesome and having it all around is a winner.
I do not have ATMOS and am sure I will not, partly because I am so totally happy with my 7.1 (well really with the subs in my 2s and 3s AND a FF5 can I call that 7.5?????) system. But I had some other speakers mixed in there that I was happy with, everyone here kept telling me to go ALL GEt and they were right.
Since you KNOW how great the Triton Ones sound, you have to go with them. And go ahead and build your system around them, you can always add a sub later IF you really decide you need one. That normally does not require any additional wiring.
I love the Aon 3s, and think they would be awesome surrounds. I have towers and prefer them, but you get most of the sound you need with the Aons.
Seems like we all here agree at least on this, Go GEt all around.
Hope this helps, happy listening, enjoy building your system,
God Bless, Wayne
God bless the child that's got his own.
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murphyslaw1978 Posted 7 years 5 months ago
I have a 7.2 setup today, all GoldenEar. I also want to do ceiling speakers, but prefer to wait given that the dust hasn't settled on DTS:X (very few receivers or pre/pros can do this). As for subs, I have Triton Twos and am also keeping my 2 Velodyne subs. My Velodyne's can add bass between 10-20Hz and are crossed over at 40Hz. The T1s may be enough bass, but the more subs you have, the more control you may get when using room correction, etc.

That said, you can always add a sub later. Also, keeping GE all the way around, to me, will make it easier to blend everything together.
7.1 today, moving to 7.1.4 tomorrow
(2) Triton Two - front mains
(1) Sat 60C - center
(2) Sat 50s - sides
(2) Sat 50s - rear
(2) DIY 18" Stereo Integrity subs, 1100w each
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Moderator Posted 7 years 5 months ago
Hi blcskate, welcome to the forum and thanks for joining us here.

First thing that hit me was why in the world would your dealer recommend something other than GoldenEar for your surround/rear channels? As everyone here knows the GET HVFR ribbons all around make for an incredible, seamless soundfield that engulfs the viewers and simply cannot be duplicated with other speakers. Not to mention the sonic characteristics of the GoldenEar speakers simply do not blend well with conventional speakers.

The on-wall speakers we suggest for Triton-based home theaters are the SuperSat models, typically the 3, but some prefer to use the larger 50. Although others on this forum will argue for the more full range performance of the Aons, the SuperSats are really the best "fit" for on-wall applications. If in-wall is an option, the Invisa MPX makes a fantastic surround/rear channel speaker. Aons on stands or Trtion towers make excellent surround/rear channel speakers too, if you have the floor space.
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