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drandy1 Posted 3 years 8 months ago
I have just come across Goldenear speakers as I begin to design a new home theater space. Met with my local dealer and he reaffirmed my thinking. So, excited to move forward but am wondering about the plan I have and whether there may be alternative setups to consider. So thinking right now of a 7.0.4 or 7.1.4 system:

Fronts: Triton 2+
Center: Supercenter XXL
Surrounds (side and rear): 4 x Invista MPX
Ceiling: 4 x HTR7000

My questions:
- given the performance of the T2+ speakers, will I need a separate sub to supplement (room dimensions are 25' long by 14' wide by 9' high)
- if a sub is suggested, would there be a compromise in sound by incorporating SuperSat 60 units for fronts and center instead of using the T2+ and Supercenter XXL (just thinking about budget and incorporation of a $2K sub).
- Final question based upon my initial interaction with my local dealer, how difficult is it to just purchase the selected Goldenear speakers when I have my choices finalized? I don't necessarily want to pay for a custom install to be able to utilize the Goldenear speakers. I am an advanced home theater hobbyist and quite capable of wiring in and setting up complete home theater systems. Appreciate any advice other members may have.
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T Cobe Posted 3 years 8 months ago

Welcome to the forum! The gear that you have picked out would make a GREAT home theater! It's certainly your call on the install. It would probably be worthwhile to have them do the ceiling speakers at a minimum to make sure they get the right locations. The remainder should be straight forward enough if you do your research.

Regarding the sub, it really depends on how much bass you like in your setup. My Trinon Ones put out plenty of bass and LFE but I lik having a dedicated sub on top of that for a little extra low end. I admit I'm a bit of a bass head. You could initially try without and add one later. I'd recommend a demo with and without. I like having the third sub behind my primary listening position for better dispersion and that physical punch of air pressure.

I'd don't prefer the lifestyle speakers. If you wanted to go passive with dedicated subs, I'd go with the T5s. Just my .02 since you are asking for opinions. We love helping people spend their money around here, so I'm sure you'll get a few more opinions. It may help to be a little more specific on the recommendations if we knew your intended uses. Movies, music, what type of music, listening preferences, dedicated theater, etc.? Keep us posted on your progress. Pictures are always appreciated.


T Cobe
Speakers: Triton One L/R, SCXL, Aon 3 Surr/Back, HTR-7000 Height
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Dark Posted 3 years 8 months ago
I'd like to second T Cobe in regards to the lifestyle speakers comment.

The SuperSats are just that; lifestyle speakers. These speakers are ideal for those wanting quality sound in a multi-purpose living room.

I'm making assumptions here, but it seems like you are purchasing a system for a dedicated room. If that's the case, there is no substitute for a full range speaker. Given the size of your listening environment, I think you'd need the extra midrange output capability of the T2+ or T5s.

I haven't heard the new + Tritons, but I'd imagine that the T2+'s subwoofers are still crossed over quite high and are used just as much for improving the midrange as they are for bass extension.

I like Wayne's advice commonly given on here. Buy the best you possibly can. If you end up deciding you need more bass further down the road, you'll still have the excellent midrange of the Tritons and you'll be glad you have them even when you add more subwoofers.
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