file 7.2.4.....which invisa for ceiling and centre options?

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The Jay Posted 2 years 10 months ago
Hey guys;

Wife and I started talking in Fall 2016 about building this home theatre and it looks like it's likely that we can finish it (as finished as a hobby ever gets) by the end of this year.

The room is in the currently finished L-shaped basement.
The plan is to build a wall and separate it into two rooms, one of which will be a good rectangle for the theatre, about 12'8" x 23' x 8'. While we're at it, we'll tear right down to stud and run conduit & cable for future expansion (we'll have equipment for 5.1 at first and build to 7.2.4 as funds allow); and also do some soundproofing.

So far, I've got the Triton 2+, SuperCentre XXL and a pair of MPXs on the sides. I'm planning to add 2 SVS PB-2000's down there and another pair of MPXs for the rear surrounds.

I've run into a couple head scratchers though and could use some opinions.

First...the centre channel....stick with the XXL or go with a third Triton?

I currently have the XXL on a table below a 65" plasma. BUT! I will be moving to a projector and screen.
I've been doing some reading on horizontal centre channels in general, and a lot of articles note the issue of sound waves overlapping in ways that are avoided by going with a third matching tower behind an acoustically transparent screen.
There's 2 issues I need to consider then....
First, just how much of an improvement in clarity etc. would I hear by moving in that direction?
The XXL is a great centre....and with the feet installed and angled towards my head, the imaging is quite good. It would need to be a pronounced difference in clarity to warrant selling it, buying a third 2+, going with a pricey AT screen and building the false wall.
Secondly, I'd be worried about the sound difference that comes with using an AT screen. See, I am what is known as a 'picky' person. I switch wires and I hear a difference (it's slight, but I can hear it; don't say it's in my head..all the voices up there would beg to differ). From what I've read, I THINK (please tell me if you think I'm wrong cause I can't compare AT vs non-AT) that I will likely hear a slight impact on audio quality if the source goes behind a screen. If it did that would bug me.
Is there going to be a significant diff T2+ vs XXL?
Would that difference be negated by what's lost with the then necessary AT screen?

Which Invisa for the ceiling?

Yes the ceiling is 8' in height. But, there is a bulkhead running down the left side of the room. It juts out 2'4" and drops 1' from that ceiling height (remember the room is 12'8"x23'). I've got the Tritons about two and a half feet out from the side walls right now and they sound pretty good there....From what I can tell so far the overhead speakers should somewhat line up with the front L/R. That would place both left ceiling speakers right next to (very close, like an inch or two away) that bulkhead, which will inevitably impact sound.
Will the 7000's work in this situation? I read in another post from Miss/Mr Moderator that those are designed to go more to the left and right of the main listening position. In this room, because of the bulkhead, that puts the centre of the HTR's cutout at 42" from the midpoint of the room's width.
Is that far out enough or does this application warrant the 650 instead?
Please note I haven't accounted for diagonal distance from ear to speaker.

Thanks for any opinions. Much appreciated.
Upstairs: SuperCinema 3 (SVS SB-2000 though), Denon AVR E-400
Downstairs: Triton 2+, SCXXL, MPX's on the sides, HTR's up top, rears ?? Marantz SR7010, PB-2000
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WayneWilmeth Posted 2 years 10 months ago
The Jay,
I know nothing about ceiling speakers and such, so I will gladly let Miss Moderator answer that part, ha ha. Loved the sense of humor in your post!!!!
Congrats on getting this far along, and on building you a home theater!!!! I REALLY applaud that!!!!! When you mentioned L shaped room I was like, Oh NO, but then you said you would build a wall and make it a rectangle, I was very relieved. L shape rooms are HARD to work with, sound wise.
As far as a new T 2+ as a center channel behind an AT screen, or stay with the SC XXL you already have, wow, that is a hard one.
I have never used an AT screen, have seen one demonstrated, but not with equipment that I really know.
So would the T 2+ be significantly better sounding than the XXL such that even if some was lost behind the screen, you still improve the center channel reproduction?
To be honest, I don't think so. Might be wrong though, won't be the first time. But I say that based on the belief that the SC XXL is a superb performer and will do exactly what it is made to do better than putting a tower behind a screen.
Somebody else may have experience that will easily surpass mine.
I just wanted to say I am sure you will end up with a wonderful theater and Good for you!!!!!
Have fun with it, God Bless,
God bless the child that's got his own.
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Moderator Posted 2 years 9 months ago
Hi, I'll try to answer your questions ...

Triton Two+ vs. SuperCenter XXL, no contest, the Triton. BUT, do you really want an AT screen? I won't get into that discussion (doesn't belong here) but better make sure you really want an AT screen first.

In-Ceiling Height channels, for an 8' ceiling we suggest HTR 7000 slightly outside (L/R) of the main listening area, angled toward the center listening position. Fronts slightly ahead of the listening area, rears just behind. Without a drawing and a picture, I can't comment on exact placement and other issues - and even then I would be hesitant to do so without being IN the room.
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