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Timecop Posted 4 years 3 months ago
If you are talking about a 7.x surround system with side-surrounds as well as rear-surrounds, then the SS3/50/60 or invisa MPX should work about the same for rear duty - due to the limited information going to those channels. If you are talking side-surrounds, then I’d go as large as you have room/budget.

I was able to A/B SuperSat 50’s and triton 7’s as side-surrounds - and the 7’s made a significant improvement. When I A/B tested rear surrounds (SS3 vs SS50), I couldn’t detect a difference - both performed very well.

I know that cosmetics are in the eye of the beholder, but I’ve always found the SuperSat series to be elegantly executed.
Triton Two front L/R
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SuperSat 50 surround rear L/R
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HTSME Posted 4 years 2 months ago
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PML wrote: I agree. I really wish GEt would make another on wall speaker. A cross between the aon and supersat. My issue with the supersat 50 and 60 is their height. If they were half as tall and twice as wide, i would be fine with that. I think that's why i'm struggling with this.

PML - Yes the 50's are tall and the 60's are really tall, but it's the sound that is important. My rear Def Tech speakers were a nice size and I did not mind them. After I sold my entire Def Tech system and buying all the GET speakers at once I was a little nervous about the height of the 50. What sold me was the (1) sound, (2) width, and (3) depth. They don't stand out that bad. When I saw the Sat 3, 50, and 60 on the wall at the Audio store, it was not as big an issue as I thought but yes, they are tall.

Our adult son and his wife were here last weekend and he loved how the 50 blended into the wall (thickness) and he liked the look of the 50 speakers.

Plus I have both rears angled slightly and turned down a hair. My wife, and she carries a lot of weight on "looks" of anything I buy is fine with the Triton One, SuperCenter XXL and the 50 for the rears. So bottom line, don't get hung up on the size of the 50 or 60 and listen to them.

I listened to the 3 and IMHO the 50 are much better.


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