file Need help with processor and amp for T-Ref

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Lynx4ben Posted 3 years 4 months ago
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Hey there. I have a pair of T-Refs for my left right. I use a supercenter xl and Kipsch sats to round out a 5.1 setup. My main listening is music and tv.

I power everything with a crappy pioneer AVR.

I'd like to upgrade my inputs. I am really drawn to the Emotiva xpa-5 to power my whole setup @ 200/channel. But that leaves me needing a processor. This is where i am confused. It's hard to find a processing separate that isn't an AVR. The Emotiva MC-700 is sold out and i don't know much about it.

I have one big requirement for the processor. My electronics rack is in the basement, no where near the main living space. This seems to leave me a issue actually communicating with my unit. I plan on connecting everything via ARC and my main sources to the TV. My only way of controlling my current receiver is via app. I like this approach. I don't want to bounce an IR signal downstairs via repeaters.

As a result i need a processor that has a good iOS interface. I also want to keep it under $800 as I will be spending $1600 on my amp.

My questions:
Recommendations for the processor?
Thoughts on my Emotiva xpa-5 amp choice?
Thoughts on controlling system via an app, what processors have good support?
Is it just easier to get an AVR and use the pre-outs to send the signal to the amp? I only need 5.1. Ugh, confushing.

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Moderator Posted 3 years 4 months ago
I will let forum user respond to the amp question, but there are processors from most of the receiver companies. Most popular are the Anthem, Marantz and Integra Pre/Pros's, but there are others like the Trinnov, McIntosh,. As far as using an App to control, I am pretty sure they are all capable of that functionality.

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