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Vattonito Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
Hello Everyone,

I am currently remodeling my basement and looking to upgrade my home theater. I currently have a standard 5.1 setup and when doing over my basement I wanted to go to a 5.2.2 system. I’m really interested in the Invisa series and plan to have the SPS for the LCR and MPX for surrounds. Now my main question is around an idea I had about adding rear surrounds and atmos heights using in ceilings. So the basement area for my theater will be about 16 feet wide and about 21 feet long. The couch will be about 11 feet from TV. The problem is that the rear wall has the door to the basement on it and getting rear surrounds on that wall will be a challenge. I was wondering if I used the HT7000 for rear surrounds behind listening position and the 650’s in front of listening position m for atmos, if this would work well? Having a 7.2.2 system but with 4 speakers in the ceiling and 5 in the walls essentially.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Moderator Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
Hi Vattonito, It sounds like you've done some good research. The 7.2.2 system you've described should produce an immersive and natural sounding home theater system. The SPS in-wall speakers are truly reference quality in-wall speakers that would work quite well as your front left, right, and center speakers. Using the MPXs as your side surrounds (presumably mounted to the sides of your main listening position) would work well as your side surrounds. In this application, the MPXs would produce a great balance of focused sound and spaciousness. Adding a set of Invisa HTR7000s as your rear surrounds (mounted several feet behind the listening position in the ceiling) would be ideal for the rear surrounds. Last, adding the Invisa 650s as your Atmos speakers (mounted in the ceiling a foot or two in front of the main listening position ) would provide a convincing Atmos effect. Happy Listening!

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