file Anybody using PS Audio M1200 monoblocks?

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charliehatch Posted 1 year 2 months ago

I'm currently chasing an odd high frequency, narrow band peakiness at the moment. When new, this was more obvious than now, and it seems to be fading with break in (or I'm adapting, quite possible). Changing tubes didn't affect it. That said, I've heard similar edginess before with the Bel Cantos, so I'm leaning towards the issue being with something upstream, perhaps my DSPeaker DAC. For sure, the M1200s are so revealing that you'll probably hear any problems with your upstream components./quote]

Yup, I did say that. After hunting around for that strange peakiness, I found it in the upstream DSPeaker DAC/Pre; specifically it was the filters I had set up in the DSP. I remeasured and found there were a couple of higher humps around 2 kHz and 4 kHz. I designed some new filters to mildly suppress those peaks.

Now, around 150-200 hours, the sound is well balanced throughout the audio band, with fantastic detail. The tubes add a wonderful slight warmth to the sound, or maybe it's the absence of a slight solid-state edginess. Whatever, the sound of these amps is fantastic.

As to my previous comment on imaging compared to the Bel Cantos, I think the M1200s image as well as the Bel Cantos, but it seems as though the images are rounder, more three-dimensional because of the added M1200 soundstage depth.

Rick and Steveo, you better save up your pennies. The tube thing is worth it.

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rjohn79395 Posted 1 year 2 months ago
Hey Charlie

Yeah, I'm convinced the M1200's are for real. What to do with an HT setup that has limited rack space and limitations about how to expand is my current mind bender. :whistle:

BTW I sent you a PM awhile ago about DSD SQ since I got a DAP that can play it via my headphones while here in NH away from the GEt HT. SMOOTH.... Gorgeous, natural sound. BIG data user, probably not ever a streaming mainstay. Have to download big files, unzip, but oh man, the SOUND!

Enjoy those gorgeous amps! I'm drooling...

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